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The Shandygaff is proudly one of the oldest bars in downtown State College. However, the problem with age is the tendency for the past to get a little blurry.
Rumor has it, the Gaff opened sometime during 1848 making it seven years older than Penn State University. Its current location isn't the original, but it that doesn't mean it isn't the best.
Another popular rumor that has circulated is that the founder fell in love with a bar in Ireland. He loved it so much in fact, that he opened his own version in State College. 
Regardless of the origin, the Gaff is one of the most unique bars in town. The atmosphere welcomes students and alumni alike. People from all over come to enjoy the famous liquor pitchers while spending their night on the illuminated dance floor.
There's nothing the Gaff doesn't offer and helps to create memories that may be as blurry as our past in the morning. 

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